$995.00 USD

Elite VIP Summit Pass | Exclusive Leadership & Networking Access

Elevate your aspirations with the Phoenix Voices Summit's VIP Experience, available for $995.

This package is more than just an event pass; it's a gateway to a journey of elite engagement and personal triumph.


  • VIP-Only Sessions: Access to exclusive sessions designed for VIP attendees.
  • Priority Speaker Interactions: Front-row opportunities to engage with key speakers.
  • Special Networking Events: Curated events to foster connections with professionals.
  • Leadership Focus: Tailored content to sharpen your leadership acumen.
  • Personal Growth Emphasis: Sessions dedicated to personal development and growth.
  • Course access: Free access to the Success & happiness course Worth $995 
  • Mastermind invitation: 14-day access to an exclusive to "A Million Dreams Mastermind" Worth $2995


  • Enhanced Learning: Dive deep into leadership and personal growth topics with expert insights.
  • Strategic Networking: Build meaningful connections with leaders and peers in your field.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy VIP-only sessions and events for a more intimate experience.
  •  Invaluable Insights: Gain knowledge and strategies from top industry leaders.
  • Career Advancement: Leverage the summit's learnings to propel your professional journey.
  • Recording: All recordings are sent to you so you can watch your favorite speakers on binge-watch.
  • Exclusive Q&A with Speakers: After-hours special with a speaker ask your burning questions to help your business.


Who Can Benefit:

  1. Ambitious professionals aiming for career growth.
  2. Entrepreneurs seeking valuable business connections.
  3. Emerging leaders looking to enhance their leadership skills.
  4. Individuals focused on personal development and growth.
  5. Professionals in need of strategic networking opportunities.