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Business & Entrepreneurship

Master the art of business, from startups to corporate leadership.                                                                                                                                

Personal Development

Enhance your life skills, from public speaking to personal finance and health.                                                                                                                                                        

Artificial Intelligence

Explore top AI courses to master machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence fundamentals. Enhance your skills with our courses.

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Influencer Marketing

Unlock the path from beginner to top influencer with proven strategies for sponsorships, brand ambassadorship, and free brand growth in our FREE report!

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Inside Pricing Strategies

Download the FREE report to learn how to increase prices, master strategic positioning, elevate marketing, boost authority in competitive markets, and more!

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Laser Focused Success

Discover powerful productivity hacks and focus-boosting strategies in this FREE report. Learn to prioritize, overcome obstacles, and beat burnout for business success. Download now!

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Podcast Marketing

Unlock the secrets to successful podcasting! Learn to create, grow, and monetize your podcast with our FREE report. No experience needed. Gain exposure, loyal listeners, and expert tips now!

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Profit Builders

Unlock secrets to rapidly grow a lucrative email list with this FREE report! Discover cost-effective strategies, autopilot buyer funnels, and powerful marketing techniques.

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Referral Marketing

Unlock the secrets to effortless customer acquisition with referral marketing. Discover cost-effective strategies, a powerful tool, and more in this FREE report.

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Ultimate Hustle

Discover lucrative side hustles for full-time workers in our FREE report. Unveil a 6-figure opportunity, earn thousands with <1hr/day effort, and start easily!

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Ultimate USP

Unlock secrets to a standout brand with our FREE report: Create a unique USP, boost sales, and build loyalty in hours. Discover supercharged strategies now!

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YouTube Quick-Start

Learn how to launch a successful YouTube channel with loyal subscribers. Essential tips and strategies for standing out and retaining your audience. Free guide included!

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YouTube Studio

Unlock the secrets of YouTube Studio: Edit videos, use analytics to grow, and manage your channel efficiently—all in this FREE quick-start guide!                       

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Pinterest Profits

Unlock the power of Pinterest to elevate your brand! Discover how this image-based platform can maximize exposure and connect you with millions. Start pinning today!

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Insta Profit Magnet

Unlock influencer success secrets: go from novice to top-followed, learn high-paid sponsorship strategies, become a sought-after brand ambassador, and boost your Instagram growth for free with this FREE report!

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Email Monetizer

Unlock secrets to monetizing your email list with proven strategies, turning subscribers into loyal buyers, and boosting income, all in this FREE report!  

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Email Marketing Success

Unlock the secrets of advanced email marketing: From personalized communication to maximizing ROI, this free report covers basics, engagement tactics, and optimization strategies.

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Digital Empire

Unlock the secrets to turning content into high-ticket digital products for autopilot income. Discover top sellers and essential tools, and build profitable funnels in our FREE report!

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Blogging Traffic Mania

Discover key strategies for turning your passion into profit, becoming an authority, and leveraging growth hacks for scalable blogging success. Start earning passively today.

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60-Minute Profits

Unlock top strategies to earn $100s daily without product creation, used by 6-figure earners. Perfect for beginners seeking financial freedom via quick profit-building methods.

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X Success

Maximize your brand on X with this guide: Automation, hashtag mastery, captivating content, engagement strategies, and analytics optimization.

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"Baz has the best interests of his clients at heart. From pain to purpose should be his motto. He sincerely wants to help others realize their true potential. "
Alexi Silance
"Want to elevate your business and your life? Have a coaching session or even a conversation with Baz! He's the real deal and oozes wisdom and intuition. The best thing you can invest in is yourself, so book a conversation with him and start to live the life you dream of!"
Catharine T. Pearce
"Baz is sincere, cares about the people he works with, and has a great perspective on what is possible. His life path and journey provide him with unique and powerful perspectives that can help improve people's lives. If you are looking for a coach to help you and your business move forward with your journey, I recommend you reach out to Baz."
Lee Van Dusen
"Baz is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I love his passion for helping entrepreneurs--and people in general. Talk with him, and you'll see what I mean."
Shanna Davis



Baz Porter is a high-performance coach, keynote speaker, #1 international best-selling author, and master healer who works to guide individuals, corporations, and groups of various sizes on how to strive for their ultimate potential. Baz's individual and collective teachings are incredibly impactful and have helped many to become thriving, fearless individuals who can tackle any challenge that life throws at them.

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