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Who Is Baz?

A Journey from Adversity to Entrepreneurial Leadership

Baz's narrative is not just a story of personal triumph but a blueprint for transformative leadership in entrepreneurship and business growth. His journey from confronting homelessness and addiction challenges to becoming a beacon of entrepreneurial innovation and global business expansion embodies the spirit of resilience and the power to change lives.

The Catalyst for Change

Choosing to enlist in the British Army was Baz's first step towards a significant life transformation. This decision, born out of a desire to escape a troubled past, thrust him into a world that tested his limits but also equipped him with invaluable leadership skills. His service laid the foundation for his later success in entrepreneurship, teaching him about the importance of discipline, strategy, and the resilience needed for startup scaling strategies.

Overcoming Obstacles

After his military service, Baz faced his darkest days, battling PTSD, addiction, and homelessness. Yet, 2019 marked a turning point. With only $360, Baz embarked on a journey across America that would redefine his purpose. This adventure was about survival and applying his innate skills in life and business strategies, demonstrating early entrepreneurial innovation. He transformed his experiences into opportunities for global business expansion, mentoring others through challenges while fostering industry leadership.

Building a Legacy through Entrepreneurship

Today, Baz stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial success, championing startup scaling strategies and business mentorship. His approach is a testament to the power of blending personal development with entrepreneurial innovation. Baz is dedicated to building a meaningful legacy through purpose-driven entrepreneurship, impactful philanthropy, and legacy planning for entrepreneurs. His work epitomizes achieving work-life harmony, integrating family-oriented business practices with executive health and fitness to foster an entrepreneurial lifestyle balance.

Empowering Others Through Innovation and Mentorship

Baz leverages the latest business technologies and innovation in the digital age to keep his teachings relevant and impactful. He is a vanguard in adopting tech trends for startups, guiding entrepreneurs through navigating market shifts with agility. His commitment to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs is reflected in his involvement in entrepreneurial mentorship programs and educational support foundations, aiming to inspire a wave of industry leadership grounded in ethical and sustainable practices.

A Conduit for Personal and Professional Growth

Beyond business, Baz is deeply invested in entrepreneurs' personal development and well-being. He addresses executive health and fitness, mindfulness for business leaders, overcoming imposter syndrome, and advocating for mental health and inner peace as the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurship. His seminars and workshops are networking strategies for CEOs and a platform for building professional relationships and community engagement in business.

The Global Explorer

Baz's story is also one of travel and exploration, using his journeys as a source of inspiration and cultural exploration for entrepreneurs. He exemplifies how balancing business with exploration can enrich an entrepreneur's perspective, fueling innovation and creativity.

Baz's Life is a TED Talk in motion, encapsulating themes of entrepreneurship & business growth, work-life balance, personal development & well-being, legacy & purpose, innovation & technology, networking & community, mental health & inner peace, travel & exploration, and mentorship & giving back. His story is a powerful reminder that adversity can be the foundation on which a purpose-driven, impactful, and balanced life is built, inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide to lead with vision, compassion, and resilience.


Baz Porter is a high-performance coach, keynote speaker, #1 international best-selling author, and master healer who works to guide individuals, corporations, and groups of various sizes on how to strive for their ultimate potential.

Baz's individual and collective teachings are incredibly impactful and have helped many to become thriving, fearless individuals who can tackle any challenge that life throws at them.

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Baz speaking in an event

Dynamic Speaker & Thought Leader

Baz Porter transcends the role of a speaker, emerging as a visionary leader whose presence electrifies the stage.

His speeches, rich in motivational insights and pragmatic advice, are designed not just to engage but to transform his audience. With each word, Baz crafts a journey of inspiration, challenging listeners to not only think but act, bridging the gap between aspiration and reality.

His ability to intertwine personal anecdotes with universal truths marks him as a luminary in the realm of thought leadership, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Expertise and Experience

Baz Porter stands at the confluence of organizational psychology and hands-on leadership, offering a depth of insight into the dynamics of business transformation and growth.

His approach, enriched by a diverse portfolio of successful organizational turnarounds, infuses speeches with practical examples and strategies.

This unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world application equips audiences with the tools to navigate and excel in today’s complex corporate landscapes, making his perspectives not only relevant but indispensable for modern professionals.

Baz Porter and David Corbi holding the PTSD book
Baz speaking for an event in the Paris Hilton in Las Vagas

Global Audience Appeal

Baz Porter's global outlook enriches his narratives, ensuring they transcend cultural and geographical divides.

His expertise in leadership and business is universally applicable, offering insights that resonate with a broad international audience.

This global perspective makes his talks not only relevant but also deeply impactful across diverse cultural landscapes, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among listeners worldwide.

Live with Purpose &                                                                Inspire with Legacy

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